February 2019

February has passed with some great fishing memories.
The level of the river was lower than ever for many days, but lately rising a bit every day.  In spite of difficult conditions, the amount of big fish landed has been spectacular.  The possibilities on this section of the Parana River always gives us great chances to find these golden bars.
The clarity and temperature of the waters made us work hard on presentations and style/ size of flies, as well as leaders and wire tippet.
Some guest were very fortunate to have had chances to connect with 20 pound fish. Dunnan for example landed two and some more small ones as well as pacu and Pira Pitas.  Luke had many possibilities to cast to some very big dorado on sandbars, one was fooled and landed. Aside from the fishing experience, to see those big dorado smashing baitfish is something imposible to forget. Sandbar fishing is a very difficult type of fishing But it can be extremely rewarding.
For the Clark group it was probably the toughest week, lower than ever, the River made the fishing for big dorados  difficult, on the other hand Pacu and Pira Pita were stunning and the group landed several of these omnivorous fish every day.
After that week, the river started rising, and a group of Italian anglers and our friend Robert were here at just the right moment, and we put them in the right place to be able to land some really good fish.
Specially, for Fabio a Dorado of 27 pounds, and Robert with his 28 pound fish,”. Robert landed another nice dorado later in the week that was also about 25 pounds. Not many fish for these gentlemen- but good ones! biggest Pacu landed by Fabi was 19 pounds.
The rest of the guests during the last days of February also were lucky to hooked some 20 pounders as well as some nice Pacu and Pitas.
Guide Fabi during a day off with guide Pablo was able to land the biggest fish of this season, a real monster of 1,03 cm long, 69 cm girth  37 pounds on an electronic


This has been a big fish season no doubt! Maybe not the numbers we have wished for but some very big fish each and every week!

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