• April 2023 Fishing Report – End of Season


    The fishing season has ended, and it’s time to take a look back on our 2023 run. March brought high water levels to the river, which benefited some fish as they were able to have a late spawn. This has been great for the environment and the river’s overall health. However, it made it challenging to catch the bigger fish for a couple of weeks. Anglers had to work hard to entice the fish to take their flies and lures. Despite this, the fishing remained rewarding, and there were still plenty of pacú to catch. Sinking fruit flies and sinking bugs like small heavy rubber legs proved to be the best lures for catching these fish.

    As the weeks passed, the water level began to drop, and by the end of March and beginning of April, the river had dropped significantly. This gave anglers the opportunity to fish the underwater rocks that usually provide big fish. The sandbars also proved to be productive for catching good-sized dorados. The fishing became easier, and the fish started to take flies and lures again. Anglers had a great time catching these fish, and it was a fantastic way to end the season.

    The highlight of the season was catching the biggest fish, which weighed 27 pounds and was caught by Stu and John. The challenging fishing conditions earlier in the season made catching this fish even more rewarding. It was a fantastic season overall, with plenty of fish to catch, beautiful scenery, and great company. Anglers were able to enjoy the thrill of the catch while also being mindful of the importance of conservation and the health of the river. We look forward to next season and hope to see you all again soon.

  • March 2023 Fishing Report


    During the end of February and beginning of March, the river reached the highest level documented since we opened Suindá Lodge. These conditions made the fish spread out across the river system and into the freshly flooded lagoons and riachos. 

    Notably, we landed an impressive number of medium-sized dorados, as they were found in many fishy spots along the river. However, it has been more difficult to find the big fish. We believe this is because the high water has given them an opportunity for a late spawn. We noticed signs of spawning activity on some of the larger fish we landed. We’re elated to see these fish actively spawning the next generation of Paraná dorado! We are certain that they will start feeding consistently as soon as they finish up with their spawning activity. 

    This week, the river started dropping quite fast. As the water’s receded, we have seen big fish rolling along rocky banks and over underwater rock gardens. A sign that they will soon begin sliding into feeding lanes.  

    On the other hand, when the river was at its highest, Pacú fishing was a blast inside lagoons and riachos. There were some sight-casting situations in skinny water and many takes. However, we lost some fish because they immediately ran to the underwater plants and trees.

  • February 2023 Fishing Report


    In the past month, the Paraná River has been at a good and consistent water level, where we are still finding very large schools of bait all along shores and sandbars. Which has been fantastic to see, and is keeping our target species very happy and on the hunt.

    When these conditions are stable for a few weeks, we find that the dorado take full advantage and show up in their usual zones. Some good catches were made just before sunrise while swinging big flies over submerged rocks, others along our sandy shores and in the loggy structure. We expect to see improved action on sandbars soon, as long as the water levels continue to cooperate.

    Pacú fishing has started to be productive, most of them have been taken on sinking fruit flies and some exiting situations with big dry flies like cicadas and floating fruit. Guests have also brought several solid Pira-Pitas to hand with these same flies and also with small streamers, keeping fishing sessions entertaining and diverse.

    So far the biggest Dorado of February is 27 pounds for Charlie. A stunning catch!

  • 2022-23 Season Opening Fishing Report

    By Fabián Anastasio – Suindá Lodge Fishing Guide

    Here we go, our full season has finally kicked off, starring the mighty Paraná River and the possibilities she provides for the big golden dorado we’re all chasing.

    During September, November, and December, we had the pleasure of hosting a few guest groups that were willing to fish for Dorados during the early season. When the dorado begin to actively feed on baitfish as they fatten up for the upcoming spawning season.

    During those months the river level was right where we like it, providing the opportunity for us to fish our favorite pieces of dorado habitat like submerged logs, deadfall, and rocky banks rife with ambush points.

    Along with the ideal water conditions, the early season’s baitfish populations were quite impressive with a fantastic mix of smaller varieties and the dorado’s favorite meal, the sábalo. We’ve always seen a strong correlation between the biomass of baitfish arriving and the hungry dorado hot on their trail.

    During our early season, many small and medium size dorados were landed per boat, along with some double-digit dorado coming to hand.

    During these first two weeks of January, the river started getting lower, which makes finding fishy spots a bit more difficult and challenging, but our guiding team made it happen and some great fish were caught.

    Recently the river has been increasing its level which “resets” most of the fishy places, we expect to have more opportunities to find larger dorado and our other favorite omnivores, the Pacú and Pirá-Pitá in the coming weeks as conditions stabilize.

    So far the biggest fish for Suindá was a 26-pound landed by our friend Alex from Austria. Congrats!

    For current updates, be sure to follow our social media accounts (@suindalodge and @nervouswaters).

    By Fabián Anastasio, Fishing Manager – Suindá Lodge

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