March 2023 Fishing Report


During the end of February and beginning of March, the river reached the highest level documented since we opened Suindá Lodge. These conditions made the fish spread out across the river system and into the freshly flooded lagoons and riachos. 

Notably, we landed an impressive number of medium-sized dorados, as they were found in many fishy spots along the river. However, it has been more difficult to find the big fish. We believe this is because the high water has given them an opportunity for a late spawn. We noticed signs of spawning activity on some of the larger fish we landed. We’re elated to see these fish actively spawning the next generation of Paraná dorado! We are certain that they will start feeding consistently as soon as they finish up with their spawning activity. 

This week, the river started dropping quite fast. As the water’s receded, we have seen big fish rolling along rocky banks and over underwater rock gardens. A sign that they will soon begin sliding into feeding lanes.  

On the other hand, when the river was at its highest, Pacú fishing was a blast inside lagoons and riachos. There were some sight-casting situations in skinny water and many takes. However, we lost some fish because they immediately ran to the underwater plants and trees.

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