• 2020 Season End Report

    We just wrapped up our second season of operation here at Suindá Lodge, and what a season it turned out to be! We made countless wonderful memories with guests, on and off the water, both in terms of catch numbers and the size of the Dorado we landed.

    Throughout the season, the Paraná River was lower than normal with just a few rainy days here and there. This made it a fun challenge for our guides as they explored new areas to find where the big fish were holding during the low-water. Loggy structure held plenty of fish, but perhaps the most exciting days were to be had on the sand bar flats. We encountered many feeding frenzies with clients, which made for exceptional and exciting fishing scenarios. We found Dorado blitzing on Sabalo in groups of 4-8 fish, but some of the frenzies were started by one maverick Dorado looking to take on the sabalo by themselves. Accuracy, quick reactions, and patience were the keys to success.

    The rocky structure fished well during some of the weeks, with some truly large and memorable fish landed, but mainly it came down to fishing those areas at the right time of day and during the right water conditions.

    On the other hand, the Pira Pita and Pacu fishing was slower than usual. We had an unusually dry early season which hurt the fruit crop that those fish look forward to every season. With less fruit on the surface, those 2 species sat deeper in the water column, so it was difficult to find these fish close to the surface in order to sight cast to them.

    Our largest fish of the 2019-2020 season was landed by Harrison Beckwith, and his big girl weighed in at 35-pounds of pure Paraná River Gold.

    Fabian Anastasio. Suindá Lodge Fishing Manager

  • February 2020

    February has come to a close here on the banks of the Paraná, leaving behind some incredible memories and stories for all of our staff, and clients. Some incredible and large Golden Dorado graced our lines and nets this month. Nearly all of our favorite types of structures to fish were holding dorado, and the sandbars, rock gardens, and submerged deadfall were all productive. 

    During the past month, we’ve only had a few days of storms and heavy rains and the river has been running quite low. Which really made fishing the sandbars very interesting and presented an awesome challenge for all of our guests. Sight casting to cruising fish and the occasional feeding frenzy has created some of the most memorable moments and catches in February. The pacu have also been more active than they were in January, but our lack of rain this month has affected how much fruit the trees are dropping, which means we’ve had to get creative, and have landed a solid number of those hungry omnivores. 

    Our largest dorado of the month weighed in at 35 pounds on the scale, and several other trophies were landed in the 22-30 pound range! 

    Fabian Anastasio – Suinda Lodge Fishing Manager

  • January 2020

    January’s fishing on our section of Parana River has been highly productive, mainly due to the stable river conditions we have been enjoying. Dorado have been landed throughout our section’s diverse structures. 

    Our biggest fish of the month were fooled when fishing over the rock gardens and rocky banks. We’ve been using various lines and fly combinations to get the fly down into the proper zone where the monsters are holding. 

    Fishing around the deadfall and submerged logs has been quite random, with some holding multiple fish and others seemingly vacant. The determining factor seems to be dependent on the water level and baitfish surrounding the logs. When baitfish were around, so were the dorado.

    Our sandbars have been quite productive recently and provide the most exciting sight fishing opportunities available on the Parana. Sometimes we’ve found Dorado cruising in the shallows looking for easy prey, and other times, we see them attacking schools of baitfish in feeding frenzies. Precise and quick casts are required in these situations and are rewarded handsomely with big golden prizes. 

    Our Pira-Pita and Pacu have become more active as the season progresses and fruit beginning to fall from the overhanging trees into the water below. Some very fine specimens were fooled this month and we look forward to the action improving in the coming weeks as more trees begin to fruit. 

    Largest Dorados landed: 31 pounds, 30 pounds, and several in the range of 20-28 pounds.

    Largest Pacu landed: 12.5 pounds.

    Fabian Anastasio. Suindá Lodge Head Guide

  • Start of the season – December 2019

    Our 2020 season has kicked off with some truly remarkable catches!

    Despite lower water levels, the fishing action has been hot at Suinda Lodge with several large Golden Dorado landed in our first sessions.

    Focusing on structure in the Parana has paid off for our anglers with most dorado being found hunting around submerged logs and rocks, along with several hooked while wading the sandbars. So far, the largest fish of the season was a female weighing in at 28 pounds, hooked while fishing lures over submerged rocks.

    Depending on the water we are fishing, we utilize different techniques to get the fly in the strike zone. Floating and sinking lines have both been effective, depending on the water’s depth and flow. 

    Andino Deceiver style patterns are always on the menu here. Lighter weighted Andinos being most effective around the logs and sandbars when the dorado are sitting closer to the surface in the water column. As a result of the unseasonably lower water levels, longer leaders and delicate presentations have been the key. 

    Pacu and Pira-Pita have been difficult to find lately. But as soon as the fruit begins to fall from the heavily laden branches, Pacu and Pira-Pita will be back at home beneath their favorite trees, looking up and waiting for a fly. However, several Pira-Pita have been hooked on mouse flies recently and we’re looking forward to their increased activity as the season continues. 

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