Suindá – Week 3 & 4: January 16th to 31st, 2024

During the latter part of January, the river level steadily decreased, causing some sandbars to become exposed, which attracted baitfish feeding on the bottom. We began to observe dorado feeding activity on these flats gradually, ranging from gentle patrols to explosive feeding frenzy shows.

Pacu fishing became more unpredictable as the water level change forced them into deeper locations, requiring anglers to search for them with faster-sinking fruits. On the other hand, Pira Pita activity remained consistently strong, with numerous takes every day using everything from dry flies to small streamers, although the small fruits, whether sinking or floating, proved to be most effective.

Among the highlights, our friend Fergus Kelly had an exceptional day landing two substantial dorados weighing 22 and 23 pounds respectively. Frans also had success during his stay, landing two dorados weighing over 20 pounds each. Additionally, one of our guides, Fabian, landed a hefty 30-pounder, marking the largest catch of the season thus far.

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