Suindá – Week 1 & 2: January 1st to 15th, 2024

This season began with a significantly elevated water level, prompting an active migration of the entire fishery for spawning. Some weeks during spring were teeming with bait along banks and sandbars. Despite some fluctuations, the large dorados arrived in our area in small schools, some situated in loggy structures and others in rocky locations.

In the first week of January, the water level experienced rapid changes, rising and then falling. These fluctuations posed challenges to fishing conditions, making it difficult to locate dorados during the daytime. However, Pira Pita and Pacu fishing proved to be very productive, even when using floating fruits and dry flies.

Nevertheless, during the golden hours, some trophy dorados were successfully lured. Dominic, one of our favorite guests, managed to land three substantial ones on the fly during his stay, with the largest weighing 25 pounds (a personal record!). Jay, a new friend from Minnesota, achieved his first significant catch—a 22-pounder on the fly.

A special mention goes to Clayton and his wife Cathy, who exclusively used fiberglass rods ranging from 3 to #9. They landed two very noteworthy dorado weighing 24 and 22 pounds, along with several Pacu’s and Pira-Pitas—many of them caught using floating fruits or dry flies.